Exciting News!

Finally my new website is launched and I am so excited! (real date Aug 2020)

As you know, the reason for The Yard book is 1) to make you all feel happy and remember your own horsey experiences and 2) to raise awareness of my work which involves helping terminally ill people with equine facilitated coaching.

The other day I did my first official equine healing and coaching session and it was a wonderful experience for my client, myself and the horses.

It was wonderful to see the love pouring out of Pops as she gently put her nose on the back of a lady who was crying. It made me cry too and then we all felt better!

The treatments I offer are a combination of massage, healing, coaching and meditation. All of these elements can greatly support people during the process of illness leading to a much calmer and happier way of living.

Please have a look at my new website and if you need my services it will be an honour to help you.

Click here to access Heaven Stone Healing's new website.

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