June 2021 update

I've been so busy editing the manuscript I forgot to update you all!

So far, the editor has asked for more of 'me' to be in the book. I had no idea why as I didn't think anyone would be particularly interested in me but I can now see her point.

I have opened up and included valid bits of my personal life in the book so it now has more of a purpose and a journey as well as a lot of comedy.

I think it now has a very full balance of 'stuff' and fingers crossed it will be accepted on their scouting program after this final edit.

I have been putting a lot of love and time into my new rescue horse and our relationship is blossoming beautifully! Every day I am amazed at her comical and wonderful character. She has been out and about getting used to all sorts of vehicles and farm animals and more recently 'bird scarers'. I definitely want her to be ok hearing loud bangs!

Pops has proved to be an excellent nanny horse which - as you will see from my story - is a miracle in itself.

If anyone had told me back then, that one day Pops would be guiding a new horse I would not have believed it to be possible. It just goes to show what love can do.

Hope you are all keeping well and I will update again when I have more book news. X

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