Episodes 11-20....

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1.Have a look at the Home page and scroll down to find the form that says "submit for episodes 11-20" (this is not the same as the form at the bottom of the page which is just to send me a message!)

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Some people are having trouble receiving the email episodes. If you do the above but still don't receive any then please email me so that I can rectify the problem!

I will not send out any annoying emails and I will not share your information with anyone.

When the book is ready to be published, I will send you an email to let you know how and where to buy it from.

My goal for this book is to use it as a means to help set up a farm-based therapy centre for terminally ill people. Rescued animals helping to rescue the hearts of unhappy people. It will be a truly wonderful place where people will re-connect with the love that is the core of their being.

So please help me to get published by following my social media pages and 'liking' and sharing my posts. As they say, 'every little helps!' and you will be helping me a lot if you can support me on social media.

Happy Reading!



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